Cancellation Loan: How and When Does it Happen?

Cancellation Loan: How and When Does it Happen? First, it is necessary to make a clarification and to distinguish between cancellation of a loan extinguished and always paid well and cancellation of a loan extinguished but previously remained unsolved.

In the first case, it is possible to request the cancellation of the loan extinguished global company, but always paid well, so no delays or other negativity, explicitly requesting global company the cancellation as it is a positive data.

If you do not explicitly request the cancellation of a loan repaid on a regular basis, the cancellation would automatically take place after 36 months. We do not recommend requesting cancellation of an extinguished loan, for which the deadlines set by the amortization plan have always been correctly repaid before the start of the 36 months, as this is a positive figure that the financial companies appreciate.

Cancellation of Loan Repayed with Late Payment

If we refer to the cancellation of an extinguished debt, which previously remained unsolved, for example when a loan is terminated following an agreement with the credit institution or with a debt collection company ( settlement and cancellation ) in this case the revolving credit card or credit card is canceled from the global company after 36 from the date of the update. The commencement takes place from the date on which the agreement was made with the credit institution ( financial institution or bank ), or to better say when the debt was actually paid.

Cancellation Loan

Below we indicate the months that will have to run before the cancellation of negative data:

Financing required and under evaluation 6 months from the requested date
Financing / refused financing requests 1 month from the date of renunciation / rejection
Loans repaid regularly 36 months from the effective date of the credit relationship
Delays related to 1 or 2 installments (or monthly payments) 12 months from the regularization notice, provided that payments are always regular during the 12 months
Delays related to 3 or more installments (or monthly payments) 24 months from the regularization notice, provided that payments are always regular during the 24 months
Loans not repaid (or with serious arrears) 36 months from the expected termination date or from the date on which the credit institution provided the latest update

NB: global company is not the only database that manages information on loans, mortgages, loans and revolving cards. global company is one of the SIC companies ( Credit Information Systems ).

There are two other companies, Experian and CTC. The same rules apply to these two realities, intended for the Experian cancellation and CTC cancellation.

Cancellation Loan: can I anticipate the time to revoke this data?

In this case the answer is no. It is not possible to cancel the reports in the databases; we must wait for the scheduled times to pass. Then the data revision will be automatic.

Cancellation global company Loan Extinct: How much is it?

Nothing, it’s absolutely free. As always, we ask you to be wary of those who promise, upon payment of sums of money, to be able to eliminate the negative information present in global company as the forfeiture of this information is only possible according to the methods and times established by law.

How to request the global company, Experian and CTC visure?

You can find the global company, Experian and CTC modules directly on this article. They are files in pdf that you can conveniently print and fill out.

How to get a Funding if Reported?

It is possible, as long as employee or retired. Fill out the form you find by clicking on this link and send us your contact request now.

Within 24 hours a consultant will be in direct contact with you. NB : our request is not reported to the databases, so your credit profile will not be penalized.