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Civil servants in the test

There are special conditions for civil servants for civil servants. This target group is often received by banks with open arms. Reason is the high financial security of the potential borrower.

In favor of the applicants is their official relationship especially at lower interest rates and longer maturities for loans.

  • Civil servants are characterized by high security.
  • Applicants benefit from lower interest rates
  • Simple application, since largely standardized procedure

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Installment loans, some groups have a bad chance of getting a positive decision. Self-employed and freelancers have always had to take special loans, as their irregular income creates a risk for lenders. It is different with the official loan.

Employees are usually in a very long-term employment relationship, which guarantees a regular income over years and virtually eliminates insolvency. This makes this target group a particularly worthwhile business for banks, as they can be sure that the loan for civil servants is highly likely to be repaid. However, the official credit test has shown that the limits of possible borrowers are not as narrow as the name suggests official loans. All persons who meet these requirements will also have a chance to benefit from the terms of a civil service loan.

  • Employees in the public sector,
  • academic
  • Bundeswehr staff claim a civil service loan.
  • Incidentally, the same applies to civil servants in training.

In addition, white-collar employees also work for large institutionalized companies. Therefore, they can often get conditions like a loan for civil servants. The comparison of different providers is worthwhile in any case, because the group of potential borrowers goes well beyond civil servants. However, the very good credit rating is not the only thing that financial institutions pay attention to. As with other loans, applicants must also

  • A minimum age of 18 years
  • A permanent residence and
  • Have an account in Germany to enter into such a business relationship.

You should certainly consider this in your decision. Likewise the fact that often an additional age limit applies to civil service loans. Officials over the age of 60 have no chance of receiving the cheap loan type.

Conclusion: The official loan is thus not only for civil servants, but also for civil servants or academics. The professions unite that they have a very secure job with a generally above-average income.
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civil service loan test. An online comparison gives customers an overview of the offers on the market for pamphlet loans. This is also worthwhile with the generally favorable official loans, because small differences with the effective interest and the terms can always exist depending on the company. The test is simple and done in a few steps.

  • Only the desired loan amount
  • The purpose and
  • The desired term must be entered by loan seekers in the comparison calculator.

The big loans comparison

consumer tips

Unlike workers, the self-employed and freelancers, civil servants have a higher credit rating and security, which means that interest on an online civil service loan is lower from the start. There are therefore comparison calculators specifically for civil servant loans. An example of this is the provider Civil In addition to a loan calculator, interested parties will also find guides and detailed test reports on the official loan on this website.

A civil service loan is usually not tied to a specific purpose. So also a car financing is easily possible.

However, a loan calculator not only displays the interest rates of the different companies, but also, at best, whether there are any processing costs. Not only our official credit test winner waives an additional fee, even with many competitors this is common practice today.

From the favorable conditions credit seekers should not be convinced alone. The rules on repayment and the associated financial flexibility also play a crucial role. The free special payments granted can prematurely replace the loan for civil servants and reduce the monthly burden more quickly. An online test is always a good choice to check the various conditions carefully.

Conclusion: By an online comparison, it is possible to save a lot of money. The loan calculator determines where to find the cheapest interest. Generally speaking, borrowers should not only look for loan interest rates when searching, but also plan for further conditions.

Now compare directly to the loan comparison

official loan premium

The contract of a civil service loan does not differ from normal installment loans and also other documents than with the usual loan applications do not have to submit officials. As is the case with loans, the terms and conditions of the loan term, the interest payable and the monthly installment are specified in the contract. Likewise, the rules on the type of repayment and the possibility of special repayments.

Benefits are enjoyed by civil servants and all other employees with a secure employment relationship with interest rates lower by the low risk of default than other consumer credit. The terms can also be significantly higher, as the bank can assume that the customer’s employment relationship will last for a long time. What borrowers use the money for is entirely up to them. If you want extra coverage, you can protect your credit for civil servants with a residual debt insurance that can also be taken out on civil servant loans.

Conclusion: The application for the civil service loan is not different from the conventional borrowing. In principle, the loan has already been applied for within a maximum of 10 minutes.