Small loan without Private credit information possible?

Small loan without Schufa information

For the banks, it does not matter if a client wants a small loan or a five-digit loan, the Private credit query and the Private credit entry must be. It is just a small loan without Private credit basically consumer friendly. Fortunately, there is certainly the opportunity to obtain a small loan without Private credit information.

  • German banks retire on these loans, the solution is partly abroad.
  • A loan without Private credit is also available from private.
  • Credit marketplaces are an excellent address especially for small loans.

Take out loans without any problems

As a rule, they ask for an advance fee, the loan itself never comes off. The situation is different with the providers on our test portal. The two credit intermediaries maxcredit and Crediter have decades of experience in the settlement of Private credit-free loans. The spectrum ranges from small loans to mortgages. Both providers rely on financial service providers from Switzerland, which are also sufficient loans to German citizens.

Since many foreign banks know no institution similar to the Private credit, both the inspection of the Private credit file and the entry of the loan are omitted. Why should the entire Private credit program be played, if less complicated, because of a small short-term loan? Foreign loans, however, also require some conditions. Both maxcredit and Crediter only provide loans to adult creditors resident in Germany. Settlement is easiest if the borrowers are employees who agree to a salary assignment. Self-employed persons can also receive loans through the two companies, but the provision of collateral is a prerequisite.

Settlement at both institutions is extremely discreet. An agency fee does not apply to a small loan without Private credit entry in any way. The intermediaries receive from the lenders in case of success, a brokerage commission, as is common in Germany.

This distinguishes our two test winners:

  • Instant loans without Private credit information possible
  • The loans granted are not transmitted to the Private credit
  • discrete, fast and professional processing of the loan application
  • individual credit check
  • immediate redemptions possible at any time
  • House banks and third parties are unaware of the credit granted
  • free loan offer online
  • even in difficult cases, an optimal solution is found

Best credit without Schufa

Loans and small loans without Private credit are no problem

  • With us a loan application is possible even without Private credit information, but makes the search for suitable investors more difficult
  • given loans are not forwarded to Private credit (enumeration in gray)

Private creditfreier small loan is only possible through credit intermediaries with foreign financial service providers. The two big providers Crediter and maxcredit guarantee the seriousness. A small loan without Private credit works only partially on the credit marketplaces, at least the entry in the Private credit file is omitted.